The Béké-Bobo therapeutic teddy bear for little ones has been working miracles for more than 20 years in Canada!

What is the therapeutic teddy bear for little ones like?

As its name suggests, our therapeutic teddy bear for little ones is perfect for young children thanks to its small size! It measures 18 cm high by 13 cm wide. Older children and adults also enjoy the teddy bear because its small size allows for easy placement on all sore areas!

This natural pain reliever is also available in a bigger version: our therapeutic bear for children aged 6 and up (or weighing over 45 lbs).

What can the therapeutic teddy bear do?

It soothes stomach pain

The therapeutic teddy for little ones relieves pain by releasing humidity when it is heated. Abdominal pain diminishes significantly when this medical instrument is heated, thanks to the humidity released by the cereal pouch. What’s more, the therapeutic teddy is comforting and soothing.

When heated, the therapeutic teddy for little ones is more efficient than a Magic Bag or hot water bottle to relieve stomach pain. Why is that? The magic takes place in Béké-Bobo’s unique and top-secret cereal blend! When the cereals are heated, they release humidity that enables an anti-inflammatory action which also helps relax the body in only a few minutes.

It soothes earaches and otitis

Whatever the cause, ear pain is rapidly soothed when in contact with the therapeutic teddy. It’s almost magical: when the bear is cooled, the therapeutic teddy’s tummy, which is filled with a patented mix of organic cereal grains, releases humidity which soothes your child’s pain. To relieve pain, all you need to do is apply the cooled bear on the painful ear. In only a few minutes, the inflammation will diminish and your child will feel better. Yes, our therapeutic teddy bear for little ones is a wonderful ally for sleepless nights!

It soothes toothaches and teething pain

In case of a toothache, the cooled therapeutic teddy bear releases humidity, which has an anti-inflammatory action. Apply it on the cheek to reduce inflammation in the gums, as well as hypersalivation and acidity – it reduces tooth pain for the whole family! Highly efficient, our therapeutic teddy bear for little ones is effective after only a few minutes.

It soothes all other aches and pains

When cooled, the therapeutic teddy bear soothes your child’s bruises and pain in case of a fall. It relieves bumps and swelling, on top of comforting your child!

When heated for 30 seconds in the microwave, the therapeutic teddy bear is also adored by breastfeeding moms. Applied to the breast, the therapeutic teddy generates heat and humidity, which help disgorge the milk ducts and diminish pain.

A medical instrument recognized by Health Canada and the European Union

The therapeutic teddy bear for little ones is recognized as a medical instrument by Health Canada. It is safe and easy to use. The Béké-Bobo teddy bear soothes pain and helps reduce inflammation, which helps your child feel better and diminishes pain.

Important notice concerning the therapeutic teddy bear’s effects

Warning! Despite the fact that our therapeutic teddy bears have numerous and marvelous virtues that allow them to relieve colic or soothe your child, they are not efficient if there is an underlying medical condition, such as gastric reflux, a food intolerance or an allergy. If your child does not seem soothed, we urge you to seek medical advice. And remember: a baby, even when appeased, doesn’t necessarily sleep through the night!

How to use the therapeutic teddy bear for little ones?

Heating your therapeutic teddy

Remove the teddy bear’s cover and place the cereal pouch in the microwave for 30 seconds. In a few short minutes, your child should be soothed. You can leave the teddy bear with them for as long as they wish, since the heat will decrease gradually.

If you don’t have a microwave, you can heat your therapeutic teddy bear in the oven. The instructions are inside the box on a little pamphlet, and we also have a copy available in our FAQs page.

Cooling your therapeutic teddy bear

To cool your therapeutic teddy, we recommend placing it in your freezer for at least two hours. Of course, you can simply store it in the freezer between uses, so that it’s always ready! To keep your therapeutic teddy from absorbing freezer odours, you can store it inside a sealed plastic bag – just make sure to remove the bag before applying your bear!

Caring for your therapeutic teddy

To wash your therapeutic teddy bear, remove the cereal pouch inside the cover. This pouch of cereals cannot be washed and should not get wet! You can wash the removable cover in cold water and let it air dry or put it in the dryer.

Creating, manufacturing and packaging methods for the therapeutic teddy bear for little ones

All our therapeutic teddy bears are handmade in Quebec, in ethical conditions. Each bear is covered with a removable cover made with 100% polyester Minky fabric. Inside each teddy bear you’ll find a pouch containing a patented, top-secret blend of organic cereal grains! Are you considering offering a Béké-Bobo bear to a loved one? Note that the therapeutic teddy for little ones is sold in a box with a window, so that your bear can be seen inside its wrapping. Each package also contains an instruction pamphlet.

No need to panic!

Is your removable cover stained? Does your child miss his therapeutic teddy when its cover is being washed? We have a selection of replacement covers available for your small therapeutic teddy!

Has your cereal pouch been washed? How unfortunate. But no need to replace the bear completely! You can simply order a cereal pouch and replace it!

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to check out our FAQs page!