Benefits of our therapeutic teddy bears

Choosing your therapeutic teddy bear

Using the therapeutic bear

Caring for your therapeutic bear

Purchasing a therapeutic teddy

Benefits of our therapeutic teddy bears

How does the therapeutic teddy bear soothe pain?

Heated or cooled, our therapeutic teddy bears release humidity that helps soothe aches and pains. This humidity has an anti-inflammatory effect that promotes relaxation, which helps relieve pain.

Does the Beke-Bobo therapeutic teddy soothe colic and stomach aches?

Our therapeutic teddy bear helps relax the muscles in the abdomen, which soothes stomach pains in most children and adults.

If your little one has colic or stomach pains, we recommend that you put the therapeutic teddy bear on their lower back and press their tummy against yours.

Warning! Despite the fact that our therapeutic teddy bears have numerous and marvellous virtues that allow them to relieve colic or soothe your child, they are not efficient if your child has an underlying medical condition, such as gastric reflux, a food intolerance or an allergy.

If your child does not seem relieved, we urge you to seek medical advice. And remember… A baby, even when appeased, doesn’t necessarily sleep through the night!

What cereals are inside the therapeutic teddy bear?

In our teddy’s tummy, there’s a patented (top secret!) mix of a variety of organic cereals with anti-inflammatory properties. When warmed or cooled, the cereals release a humid heat that soothes aches and pains.

Can I use the therapeutic teddy bear if I am celiac or gluten intolerant?

Yes! There is no danger. Our mix of organic cereal grains remains a secret! But we can assure you that one would have to open and eat the contents of the therapeutic teddy bear to have an allergic reaction. Many of our user customers are celiac and use the Beke-Bobo bear without any problems.

What if I have other allergies?

Our cereal mix does not contain wheat, buckwheat, flax, spelt, kamut, rye or sesame. And, since the cereals are sealed inside the therapeutic teddy, your child should not react to the bear. Of course, if your child has an allergic reaction, stop using the Beke-Bobo bear immediately!

Choosing your therapeutic teddy bear

From what age can the Béké-Bobo bear be used?

If you follow the instructions, our therapeutic teddy bear can be used from birth.

What is the difference between our two models of therapeutic teddy bears?

Our therapeutic teddy bears for little ones

Our small therapeutic teddy bear measures some 18 cm high by 13 cm wide. It’s best suited for little ones from birth, but is adored by both young and old, thanks to its small size that makes it easy to apply on most painful areas.

Our therapeutic bear for children aged 6 and up

Perfect for children aged 6 years old and over (or as soon as your child weighs more than 25 kg or 55 lbs), the therapeutic teddy bear for 6 and up is bigger than its version for little ones, and three times heavier. It measures 26 cm × 17 cm and weighs 1 kg.

Using the therapeutic bear

How to heat your therapeutic teddy bear

To heat your teddy bear, place it in the microwave for 30 seconds, without its removable cover. Your child’s pain should subside after a few minutes only. You can leave the teddy bear on your child for as long as you like, as the bear’s heat decreases over time.

Can I heat my Beke-Bobo bear without a microwave?

Yes, it is possible to heat the therapeutic teddy bear without a microwave! The instructions for heating it in the oven can be found on the leaflet inside your Beke-Bobo bear’s box.

Turn on the oven to 220 C (450 F) and wait about 4 minutes for the oven to reach the desired temperature. THEN SWITCH OFF THE OVEN. Place the cereal pouch directly on the rack and wait 4 minutes without turning the oven back on. Remove the therapeutic teddy bear from the oven and insert the cereal pouch back into its cover.

Be sure to check the therapeutic teddy bear’s temperature on your forearm BEFORE applying it on your child.

Why should I take off the removable cover before heating the therapeutic bear? 

We recommend that you remove the teddy bear’s cover before heating it for several reasons:

  • By removing its cover, the cereal grains will have a little more room to spread inside the pouch and will warm up more evenly.
  • If your child has placed a foreign object inside the cover, removing it will avoid any problems as you heat the bear.
  • As you place the cereal pouch back in its cover, you can check its temperature before placing the teddy bear on your child.

How many times can I heat the therapeutic teddy bear? 

Our insurance company recommends heating it up a maximum of 6 times per day. Above this, it is preferable to have 2 therapeutic teddy bears.

Once it’s been warmed, we also recommend that you wait at least 40 minutes before heating it up again.

If your child isn’t relieved after 6 applications of the therapeutic teddy bear within 24 hours, we strongly advise you to see a doctor.

Can I apply the therapeutic teddy bear directly on the skin? 

Yes! You can place the teddy bear directly on the skin, or on top of clothing. Note that our therapeutic teddy is most effective when applied directly to the skin—but be careful! Make sure to always check the temperature on your wrist before putting the cover back on the teddy bear and applying it to the painful area.

You may notice that your child’s skin has become red where the therapeutic teddy bear was applied. Don’t panic! This is neither a burn nor a cause for concern, it is simply what we call “the bath effect”. This is what happens when the skin comes in contact with humidity and a temperature that is higher than that of the body.

If the redness bothers you, you can place the therapeutic teddy bear on top of your child’s clothing, but make sure that the teddy bear is not touching snaps or other metallic elements, since these could become hot when in contact with the warmed bear.

Can I add essential oils?

Yes, you can put essential oils on the therapeutic teddy bear’s removable cover, which does not go in the microwave.

Warning: make sure not to put essential oils directly on the cereal pouch, since the oils will affect the cereal mix’s balance and could burn in the microwave.

Remember that little ones tend to put things in their mouths… Your therapeutic teddy bear is no exception, so make sure to use only safe essential oils.

Caring for your therapeutic bear

How to wash your teddy bear

To wash your therapeutic teddy, first remove the cereal pouch that’s located inside the bear. Place the removable cover inside the washing machine. The cereal pouch cannot be washed, but the cover can go in the washer and dryer.

If your teddy bear has picked up the smell of the freezer, you can put a few drops of vanilla extract in 2 ounces of water inside a small glass and place it next to the bear in the microwave. Heat them together for 15 seconds… You should notice a difference!

My teddy bear is swollen

This usually happens when the cereals have been wet. Unfortunately, if that’s the case, you’ll have to throw out your cereal pouch. Our cereal pouches cannot be washed—only the teddy bear’s removable cover goes in the machine. Good news is you can get a new cereal pouch right here.

Purchasing a therapeutic teddy

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Why have I not received my 10% promo code?

It’s possible that the email we sent you was considered spam by your email solution. If that’s not the case, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Purchasing our therapeutic teddy bears in Europe 

Our therapeutic teddy bears are available in some 300 shops for kids. Some of these are listed on our website, but you can also email our European distributor in order to learn which store is nearest you. Vous pouvez trouver nos oursons thérapeutiques dans plus de 300 boutiques pour enfants.

Personal information

Can I place an order on the Beke-Bobo website without creating an account?

If you’ve placed an order on our website as a guest, no account has been created with your personal information. If you wish to create an account, you must select the box “create an account” as you check out, so that your personal data can be saved for future orders.

An account is not required in order to make a purchase on our website. We’ll receive your order anyways!

To read our confidentiality agreement, head this way!

I have not received my order

For orders shipped to Europe with tracking, parcels usually arrive in 3 business days.

If your package has not arrived within 3 business days, please email us at [email protected]. If your parcel has been lost, we can issue a reclamation to the carrier for you.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our Shipping Policy for more info.

Order mailed to another country than that of the billing address

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to place an order on our website and get it shipped to another country than that of the person who is making the purchase. In order to offer you the best shipping price possible on a daily basis, our margins do not allow us to absorb the extra costs that would be linked to such a shipment.
If you still wish to place your order and pay the full international shipping price, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be delighted to send you a quote according to your destination.