A useful and soothing gift set

There is nothing better than Béké-Bobo’s teething set to help your baby. Indeed, we have brought together two essentials for teething, a very soft and absorbent teething bib, as well as a therapeutic teddy bear that helps soothe the pain due to teething, without medication.

The teething bib

The teething bib included in our teething set is made of soft cotton and lined with terry cloth for added absorption. It has two snap closures behind the neck, to easily adjust to your child’s neck size. At the bottom of the bib is a clip that allows you to attach a teething ring or pacifier—preventing this beloved object from getting lost or ending up on the floor!

The small therapeutic teddy bear

Our small therapeutic teddy bear is recognized as a medical instrument by Health Canada and the European Union. It quickly and effectively relieves pain, thanks to the moisture it releases when it is heated or cooled.

To soothe teething pain, simply cool the therapeutic teddy bear for 2 hours or more in the freezer and apply it to your child’s cheek. The inflammation will decrease and the pain will subside.

Handmade with care

Both our teething bibs and our small therapeutic teddy bears are handcrafted with care in Quebec by Louise, Pierrette and Marie-Noëlle. When you purchase our teething set for a loved one, you can rest assured that you are offering an ethical gift, made in Quebec!