What does the Béké-Bobo newborn baby gift set include?

Our newborn baby gift set includes four must-haves for new parents:

  • A burping towel
  • An absorbent bib
  • A bear-shaped washcloth
  • A small therapeutic teddy bear

A lovely burping towel

Handcrafted with love, our adorable burping towel is made with 100% cotton terrycloth. It is equipped with a patterned catch-all pocket, which is placed behind the parent’s shoulder to absorb regurgitation and protect mom or dad’s clothes.

A small bib with great absorption power!

The small bib included in this newborn baby gift set is ideal to avoid changing your baby several times a day because they regurgitate. Made with colourful patterned cotton, it is lined with terry cloth, which makes it very absorbent. This little bib also comes in handy when your baby is teething and drooling a lot!

The bear-shaped washcloth

The Béké-Bobo washcloth featured in our newborn baby gift set has an adorable embroidered smile. Its teddy bear shape allows it to be used like a puppet to put on a show at bath time, much to baby’s delight! Ultra soft, this washcloth is loose enough to accommodate mom or dad’s hand. It is made of terry cloth—like the burping towel.

The small therapeutic teddy bear

The last gift in this newborn baby gift set is not the least! It’s Béké-Bobo’s famous therapeutic teddy bear for little ones—a medical instrument that has been adopted and appreciated by millions of families around the world in the last decade!

Yes, this little teddy bear has been proven to be a very effective natural pain reliever.

Cooled, the small therapeutic teddy bear relieves headaches, toothaches due to teething and ear pain due to ear infections.

Heated, the Béké-Bobo therapeutic teddy bear for little ones diffuses a humid heat that miraculously soothes stomach aches and muscle contractions, while promoting relaxation. Mom can even use it to relieve breast engorgement and stimulate breast milk flow!

Newborn baby gift set patterns and colours

Here at Béké-Bobo, we like to create gift sets for newborns with 4 items that coordinate well. The colour of the therapeutic teddy bear and the pattern featured on the small absorbent bib are always identical to those seen in the photo of the gift set. But, changes can occur, when it comes to the pattern on your small therapeutic teddy bear’s tummy, depending on availability. Either way, we promise he’ll be super cute!

A newborn baby gift set handmade with love

Our newborn baby gift set is handcrafted by our seamstresses in Quebec (Canada). By opting for the Béké-Bobo gift set, you are sure to offer an ethical gift made with love!